Chocolate Molds: Improved Tux Height Map

This is the simple height-map Tux image I’d been using for the chocolate molds:


But the poor critter looks a bit flattened:

Tux_Hi_Profile - solid model
Tux_Hi_Profile – solid model

The final result is tastier, but gives off a roadkill vibe:

Tux chocolates - detail
Tux chocolates – detail

After a few tweaks to the image, now he has a radial gradient on his tummy, his right flipper extends forward, his feet have webs, and his smile looks radiant. The gray levels now extend over a larger range with a bit more separation, with the intent that he’ll now be 5 mm thick:


Converted to a solid model in OpenSCAD:

Tux-Gradient - Solid Model
Tux-Gradient – Solid Model

In his STL file garb, he’s lookin’ pretty good:

Tux-Gradient - Solid Model - STL
Tux-Gradient – Solid Model – STL

Next step: plastic!