Monster Emerging!

This looks like the start of a really, really bad horror flick:

Chicken Feet - breaking out
Chicken Feet – breaking out

Obviously, that shrink wrap was never intended to withstand a direct assault from within, which is usually the situation with horror flicks.

We don’t know what we’d do with chicken feet in terms of food and have absolutely no interest in learning more…

5 thoughts on “Monster Emerging!

  1. IIRC, they get used in some sorts of asian soups, but for really low-rent varieties. Such stuff ranges with tripe dim-sum, in my taste.

    As an aside, I just got around to emptying the sawdust barrel from the Oneida Dust Deputy system. About 40% full of sawdust (it’s a mil-surplus steel drum of an absurdly heavy gauge), but with no noticeable dust in the shop vacuum chamber. I adapted a vacuum/drum caddy design from the Woodsmith people, so the combination isn’t overly clumsy. Now I need to rig a nozzle above the table saw blade for when I’m ripping. A faceful of pressure treated sawdust gets one to think of such items… It works well for fine dust, such as from a drum sander. About the only thing I’ll not use it for is the metal cutoff saw. Oneida makes a steel cyclone, but not in the dust deputy budget range.

    1. asian soups, but for really low-rent varieties

      Urp. Call me a snob, but there’s some stuff not meant to be eaten… [grin]

      no noticeable dust in the shop vacuum

      That sounds like a definite win: your lungs thank you!

      Even with the vacuum behind the radial saw, I cut pressure treated stuff outdoors. That stuff can’t possibly be good for you…

      1. I usually cut pressure treated outdoors, but I had to rip 2 x 4s on a diagonal (gutter/water recovery project with odd carpentry needs), and the table saw was the only way to do it accurately. The TS had a dust system, but it was horrible to use and largely ineffective. I still use the dust bag mounted in the base, but that will be a sliding bin when I get the round tuit.

        some stuff not meant to be eaten

        Yeah. [grin].

    2. A friend insisted on taking me for chicken feet at a dim sum restaurant. They were unpleasantly like eating cartilage. AND I just could not get the image of what chicken spend their time standing in all day out of my head.

      1. You can rub and you can scrub, but that stuff just ain’t comin’ off…

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