Oxygen Sensor Wrench Pricing

The price for this specialized wrench used to extract oxygen sensors took a big jump some time after I added a link to it:

Northern Tool Sensor Socket - Absurd Lowest Price
Northern Tool Sensor Socket – Absurd Lowest Price

Were it not for the very specific part number that’s certainly not available anywhere else, you could take advantage of their “Guaranteed Lowest Prices” to make a quick $494.

As my buddy dBm puts it: “Such a deal!”

8 thoughts on “Oxygen Sensor Wrench Pricing

  1. While I suspect it’s a different mechanism (“hey, someone’s pointing to this particular page, up the price!”), it reminds me of the tales of spamazon vendors ratcheting up a price inadvertently by basing their prices on each other, resulting in a feedback loop. http://www.michaeleisen.org/blog/?p=358

    1. Looks like Northern fixed the price, now $4.99.

      Re: upping the price. I’ve run across a few book listings at rather absurd prices, like $154 (used) for a book currently available at $30. The last time I looked into it, the “vendor” didn’t actually stock the books, but had to buy them then resell. Nice racket if you can find enough morons-in-a-hurry.

      1. Looks like Northern fixed the price, now $4.99.

        Just a typo. Could happen to anyone. Yeahbut…

    2. That sort of thing happens on eBay… a lot!

      Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody invented a customer service feedback loop?

      1. I thought the one available on Amazon for $500 or so was already the laughing stock of the entire Internet.

        1. I’m usually the last one to get the word, but in this case I actually had the link before it went up 20 dB. [sigh]

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