I donated the last of Mad Phil’s stuff to a local nonprofit’s tag sale, where it helped bulk up the bottom line a bit. While I unpacked the van, a grasshopper stopped by to supervise:

Grasshopper on corrugated cardboard
Grasshopper on corrugated cardboard

I’m sure Dad worked from a model while he did this drawing:

The Grasshopper
The Grasshopper

You couldn’t imagine something like that if you’d never seen one…

The green background in the top picture is a sine-curve drafting template. Remember drafting templates?

6 thoughts on “Grasshopper

  1. Still have all of my drafting and specialty templates for various symbols. My handwriting and lettering was never that great but the templates were just fun to play with. Still sketch plenty of mechanical/electrical ideas but never really much of anything else, was always impressed by folks who did though. Btw, the grasshopper is a “differential”. Always liked those the most as a kid and called them “army grasshoppers” since they had all the stripes/marking insignia on the legs.

    1. I always had a hard time producing a perfect drawing, so when CAD programs arrived, I was a big fan right from the start. Probably an attention-span problem…

      Thanks for the tip on differential Grasshopper identification.

      Now, what’s “differential” about them? Maybe they know more calculus than I ever learned! [grin]

      1. Just read an article about the British planthopper (coleoptratus) that has “gears” connecting its legs, so maybe the American version has a better rear end. [grin]

      2. Yes, forgot to mention CAD. After my initial drafting classes in high school and first few classes in college I discovered CAD and never looked back. Even had an instructor who asked me to do CAD work for him after hours after he saw that I had a real knack for it. Still use it weekly!

        Honestly, I don’t know where that name comes from, couldn’t find anything in our guides here at home or online. Sometimes it’s obvious and maybe it would be if someone pointed it out first ;-) Could just be from the altering coloration of the stripes, but I would be guessing.

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