More M4/6-32 Standoffs for the 30 V Supply Brick

The 36 V supply has the same M4 mount points as the 24 V supply, so I cut up another pair of those long 6-32 threaded standoffs to make four mounts. This time, instead of meticulously drilling-and-tapping the M4 holes, I just poked a clearance hole in the end of each stud with a #23 drill (0.154 = 3.9 mm) that came out a nice slip fit, cut the heads off another quartet of M4 screws (actually, a quintet, as there’s now one stud lost in the lathe swarf), dabbed some JB Quik epoxy in the holes, and rammed the studs in place:

Power supply brick - M4 stud standoffs
Power supply brick – M4 stud standoffs

Pause for a while and it’s all good. If the epoxy loses traction with the supply hanging from the mounts, it’ll be pretty obvious…

For what it’s worth, the studs come from an M4 hex-and-Philips screws used in some PC cases (The more common M3 screw doesn’t work here, but I think I bought ’em from the same source) . Cheap and readily available, but chrome plated and murder on saw blades; I use an abrasive cutoff wheel. A quartet of equally standard 6-32 PC case screws hold the mounts to the top of the PC case…

2 thoughts on “More M4/6-32 Standoffs for the 30 V Supply Brick

  1. You’ve got proper sized screws in the US? I thought it was mostly obscure measurements like 3/8″. ;)

    1. Only in America would somebody make a standoff with a metric stud on one end and an inch socket on the other… and be proud of it. [sigh]

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