BOB Yak Trailer Flag Ferrule Reaming

The BOB Yak trailer I tote behind the ‘bent has a flag with a two-part pole which generally stays together; I pull the entire affair out of the frame socket when I hang the trailer up after a trip. The ferrule between the two pole sections recently worked loose and I took it to the Basement Workshop for repair.

The assembled nickel-plated brass (?) ferrule came off both pole sections all too easily, which was a Bad Sign: those little punch marks originally clamped the tubes to the pole. You can’t overestimate the Bad Effects of prolonged vibration on bike parts.

Separating the two ferrule sections required running several pin punches down the bore and tapping gently, all accompanied by considerable muttering; the joint was no longer a slip fit. Eventually I produced this tableau:

BOB Yak trailer flag ferrule
BOB Yak trailer flag ferrule

The small hole gauge to the far left showed that the inside of the larger section (on the bottom) had entirely enough clearance for the smaller section, but the rolled ring at its end had somehow shrunk to a tight interference fit.

I’d actually chucked up a piece of rod in the lathe, with the intent of making a mandrel to expand the ring, when I came to my senses. The smaller part was 0.253 inch diameter, so I deployed the letter drills:

  • an E drill (0.250 inch) just kissed the inside of the ring
  • an F drill (0.257 inch) opened the ring to a nice sliding fit and still fit easily inside the tube

A few whacks with a center punch reclamped the dimples firmly in place on the dents in the poles.

That was easy…

6 thoughts on “BOB Yak Trailer Flag Ferrule Reaming

  1. Your second link “behind the ‘bent” is broken. Not sure what it is supposed to go to, but Firefox started whinging about untrusted site (due to the https [linenoise]softsolder[und so weiter], no doubt) and such. Transporting fluids sounds like a useful topic…

    Amazing how useful a good set of drill bits can be.

    1. Whoops. I moved that post into the future to make room for something more timely and didn’t clean up the link. It now points to the propane tank run, but you’ll eventually see something even more clearance-inducing than that rig…

      whinging about untrusted site

      There’s a complex relationship that I don’t completely understand between (my very own URL) and (where the blog actually lives). Firefox seems overly sensitive to the difference and, as nearly as I can tell, only teaches you to ignore security warnings…

      1. teaches you to ignore security warnings

        California raised that to a fine art with the “Prop 65” content warnings (warn if it contains anything that causes cancer). I would be surprised if a box of ammunition didn’t have a Prop 65 warning. OTOH, somebody is currently trying to ban lead in bullets in Kali. Oregon isn’t so unhinged. Yet.

        I like the t-shirt idea. In our county, the Sheriff recommends those able to do so get a concealed carry permit… Parts of the West are still wild.

        1. Parts of the West are still wild.

          Which, methinks, we could improve in short order by eliminating a tall stack of useless laws. But that’s a whole ‘nother rant and this ain’t the venue. [grin]

          We’ve kicked around moving to Oregon for other reasons. Probably won’t happen, as we’re definitely small-sky people, but the topic has surfaced…

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