Getting More Clearance While Bicycling

Some cyclists complain that motorists don’t give them enough room while passing. That’s less of a problem for recumbent bikes, but this gets me a lot more clearance:

Bike trailer with propane tank
Bike trailer with propane tank

There’s one section of very nice and totally gratuitous 6-lane highway (NY Route 55 near the NYS DOT Region 8 HQ; I think they’re just showing off) where drivers normally edge over to the left side of the right-hand lane where I’m riding. With a 20-lb propane tank lashed to my bike trailer, most folks have no trouble whatsoever with a double lane change into the far left lane…

6 thoughts on “Getting More Clearance While Bicycling

  1. I love my Bob, I really like the propane tank idea. I found another thing that works to keep cars at a distance (at least in CA) was to wear my HT on a chest harness. From the rear it screams Clint Eastwood…..

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