Monthly Science: Larval Engineer

Part of becoming an engineer involves discovering the difference between what works and what doesn’t, with the goal of doing more of the former and less of the latter. In tech fields, gaining such knowledge requires observations, records, and graphs.

Our Larval Engineer is off to a good start, having collected her projects & notes into blog format.

The alert reader may recognize the understated presence of a guiding hand, here and there, in some projects. I needed one, too, back in the day, even if I didn’t appreciate it (by at least the same amount). Fortunately, blogs hadn’t been invented, so you’ll never know.

Karen at the lathe
Karen at the lathe

You may enjoy her story of the Taxi Horn project, which you see here in the lathe.

Memo to Self: After launch, guiding hands must remain with the gantry. One must Just. Let. Go.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Science: Larval Engineer

  1. I like her blog. I see that she picked up the fine debugging skill known as percussive maintenance.

  2. She’s got a great blog. As someone who went through engineering school in the early 1990’s, it’s interesting to see a modern perspective.

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