APRS Electronics Case: Battery Contacts, Again

Although the contacts passing power to the Wouxun HT worked well, they were obviously (in retrospect, as always) in the wrong place. Recently I rode the bike over a major bump and heard the radio reboot (it gives off two low-speed Morse “M” characters), which suggests at least one of the screw heads just barely touches the radio’s spring contacts.

Two folded-under strips of copper tape may work around that problem until I build a whole ‘nother interface:

Copper foil on power contacts
Copper foil on power contacts

The black tape adds emphasis to the lightly sticky end of the copper tape. The folded-under ends lie to the left in the picture, so there’s a continuous copper sheet connecting the radio battery contacts to the screw heads on the green case. It’s not a huge cross-sectional area, but … it’s better than no area at all.

The last time I tried this fix, I used woven copper mesh tape. This time, the solid copper tape was on top of the TLB (Tape Lookaside Buffer) holding the specialty tapes. Either should work fine.