NYS DOT Repair Quality Control

The paving along Rt 376 just south of Raymond Avenue developed transverse ridges; evidently the old concrete roadway below the more recent asphalt cap is shifting. Bumps in the travel lane are not to be tolerated, so they milled off all the ridges. Problem solved!

Of course, the remaining asphalt isn’t thick enough to withstand any stress and promptly crumbles:

NYS DOT joint milling quality
NYS DOT joint milling quality

Although the shoulder may appear to be wide enough for bicycle traffic, the debris strewn along it makes for a perilous journey: the larger chunks are bigger than my fist. Several of the milled joints along the unimproved section of Raymond and that stretch of 376 are disintegrating, so it’s not like they got just this one wrong.

Doesn’t bother the DOT one little bit, because their idea of a “shared use facility” is a sign with a picture of a bicycle, labeled Share The Road. As long as the travel lane seems mostly passable by automobiles, their job is done.

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    1. cobblestones here in Belgium

      They’ve widened many of the roads around here by the simple expedient of a cap layer across the previous road and shoulders. Of course, the cap cracks along the underlying joint, producing a longitudinal fissure that’s exactly the right width to capture a bike tire, while littering what little shoulder there may be with gravel and debris. “Share the road” means taking the lane if you’re crazy like me, otherwise you just don’t ride.

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