Website Analysis: Trustworthiness Thereof

For reasons irrelevant to this discussion, I wound up looking at, which gave this view of my blog (typos in original, emphasis mine): has #12,773,578 traffic rank in world by Alexa. … Out of the 6 unique keywords found on, “chicken ark” was the most dense. … This site has Google PageRank™ 3 of 10.

OK, so it’s not a high-traffic site. I can live with that.

But … chicken ark?

If you search herein for chicken you’ll come up with zero hits (apart from this one) in the posts. Unleashing Google with chicken digs up some comments, none of which discuss arks. I have absolutely no idea where Widestat came up with that, which makes me distrust their conclusions even more.

8 thoughts on “Website Analysis: Trustworthiness Thereof

  1. I tried my vanity website, and it said it didn’t exist. So I tried my old livejournal, and it told me I get over 2 million daily visits, with an Alexa rank of #118, with an estimated value of over $16M. Yeah, right.

    1. with an estimated value of over $16M

      Huh. Looks like they have a bit of trouble with blog subdomains. It’s either that or you’re one heck of a writer!

    2. I’m responsible for some portion of those 2 million hits per day — although, it’s like 0.00000001% of that number.

  2. hmmm
    Chicken Ark is similar to some things my wife was researching, a “chicken tractor” which is a small, portable coop on wheels so the chickens can be moved around and eat, explore and “fertilize” other areas in near total portable safety :-) But I never thought it was related here!? WE’RE BEING CO-HACKED, ED!!!

    (sorry for caps LOL)


    PS: another thought was that a chicken ark was a small swift boat that was primarily used to escape from vitriolic pirates who were trying to capture them for a big deep-fry party ;)

    1. a “chicken tractor” which is a small, portable coop on wheels

      We knew of those and, were we to have chickens, they’d be chugging around the garden in a chicken tractor … but we don’t and they aren’t.

      The back of our property adjoins the Mighty Wappingers Creek, so perhaps we’re supposed to set up a floating chicken coop? They could fertilize the creek!

      But, alas, now that I do the obvious search, it seems a chicken ark is just the British version of a chicken tractor. [sigh]

  3. Funny, my blog is given a Dollar value twice that of yours (806 vs. 324) even though you clearly post much more regularly and (probably) have more readers. The keywords “clone window” actually make sense too.

    1. a Dollar value twice that of yours

      Your header picture must be at least that much prettier than mine… [grin]

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