Making a Black-on-Black Control User-Friendly

After having discovered, once again, that the vacuum cleaner wasn’t cleaning very well because the suction control was knocked halfway down the scale, I made the normal setting on the damn thing visible:

Samsung vacuum cleaner control labeling
Samsung vacuum cleaner control labeling

I don’t know why a label in dark-gray-on-black is such a wonderful idea, given that SAMSUNG stands out in pure white-on-red. Designers love subtle touches; I suppose they expect you to just puzzle it out and memorize the right answer.

The embossed / raised black-on-black symbols don’t work for me, either. Did you spot the one to the left of the ON/OFF label? Didn’t think so.

Those reflective tape snippets on unmarked stove knobs have survived many trips through the dishwasher; that idea is a keeper.