HT GPS+Voice Circuitry: Bare PCB

Drilling the PCB went fine, as did the etching & silver plating:

PCB with edge wrap - front
PCB with edge wrap – front

The rear side has a fine ground plane:

PCB with edge wrap - rear
PCB with edge wrap – rear

The small spots scattered over the rear mark vias that stitch the front and back planes together; lacking plated-through holes, I solder nippets of 24 AWG wires to both sides. The wrinkly edge comes from solder on the copper foil binding the entire perimeter.

While I have no hard evidence that all of the fuss & bother matters, the most recent version of this circuit is the quietest yet: the machine noise from the TinyTrak3+ that plagued the first iteration has pretty much vanished.

I’ll grant you that the silver plating doesn’t look very silvery in these pix, but it’s quite different from the bare copper in person. Here’s the front just after rubbing it in with a vigorous circular motion:

HT-GPS PCB - raw plated - top
HT-GPS PCB – raw plated – top

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  1. You missed out “dont touch the yellow snow where the PCBs go” !

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