Dog Tick

There I was, in the kitchen, minding my own business, when I felt something crawling up my shin…

Dog Tick - Ventral
Dog Tick – Ventral

It’s 5 mm from snout to rump, so it’s most likely a dog tick, not a deer tick, not that that makes me feel much better. It’s stuck to a strip of adhesive tape to prevent it from going anywhere and was flat enough to have not fed on anybody recently.

One could develop agoraphobia

That picture didn’t require focus stacking, although I gave it a try anyway with inconclusive results. I must conjure up a much more rigid camera mount before that works well; a mini tripod isn’t good enough.

4 thoughts on “Dog Tick

  1. Do you have dogs Ed? or is this tick a guest!
    Dog ticks dont usually bite humans except in some thin skin areas.

    1. No, but (far too many of) the neighbors have yappy little dogs… and I suppose foxes carry a few ticks around, too.

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