Soaker Hose Splicing

We deployed several granulated-rubber soaker hoses last year and, while they certainly weep enough water, they’re exceedingly brittle: they kink and break with what seems to be ordinary handling.

The hose ID is much smaller than ordinary “half inch” hose, so I turned some grooves on a chunk of copper tube that’s a snug fit inside:

Grooving copper tubing
Grooving copper tubing

Slitting a piece of scrap hose (ya gotta have stuff) and clamping it around the hose and tubing holds the splice together against the 90 psi water in the Vassar Farms irrigation system and provides a bit of strain relief beyond the ends of the tubing:

Spliced soaker hose
Spliced soaker hose

While I was at it I made three more copper splices, because I know they’ll come in handy…

10 thoughts on “Soaker Hose Splicing

  1. “ya gotta have stuff”

    Yeah, but you have to be able to find it. My collection of stuff, and to organize stuff, seems to obscure the stuff I need. Do you have a secret scheme?

    1. a secret scheme?

      Boxes. Lots of boxes. […] That’s why it’s going to work.

      My buddy Eks taught me to use shelves, lots of shelves, filled with boxes, each labeled with the contents. When a box gets full, you split it into two boxes, each holding related sub-collections, with more detailed labels. The trick is to pick the initial label: specific enough to identify the contents, general enough to allow more than one thing.

      Then, of course, there’s the Sargasso Sea effect in the corners, where all the random crap collects.

      I should write this up sometime…

        1. When Mom moved out of The Ancestral House, we auctioned off a complete Nat Geo collection for exactly ten dollars.

          Broke my heart, but the alternative involved moving that entire yellow wall into the van, hauling it here, unloading it, and then doing something with it

  2. _I should write this up sometime…_

    Yes, yes, please do. Part of my current problem is a (temporary?) excess inventory of empty boxes and other useful(?) containers.

    1. a (temporary?) excess inventory of empty boxes

      Mary converts any excess box supply into garden paths. The cardboard disintegrates by the end of the season and gets plowed under, so there’s very little cleanup!

  3. I just hate it when there’s a leak in my leaky hose! :)

    (BTW, something has changed style-wise since I last commented; I used to be able to comment in my main browserif I clicked in the text label above the comment box then tabbed down to the comment box; not anymore… (I haven’t been able to actually click in the comment box for ages). Oh, HTML…)

    1. if I clicked in the text label above the comment box

      The only thing I have any control over is the posting text & pictures, which is tough enough for me. Everything else comes from somewhere in the vast & inscrutable WordPress machinery, mediated through random assortments of browser features / plugins / scripts.

      For what it’s worth, the Amazon Silk browser (which reports itself as a Safari variant) on my Kindle Fire fumbles some of the Omega symbols that all look identical in Firefox. I haven’t a clue what’s going on.

      I suspect this whole Web thing has begun falling apart…

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