Got one of those painful, bloodless slices:

Split thumbprint
Split thumbprint

From, believe it or not, the razor-sharp edge of a fillet of cured green Loctite:

Freezer motor shaft - Loctite fillet
Freezer motor shaft - Loctite fillet

Of course, it didn’t stay bloodless for long: every time I put pressure on the ball of my thumb, the split gets longer.

I hate it when there’s blood all over the workpiece…

6 thoughts on “Ouch!

    1. Superglue is the perfect thing for that…. they make special purpose medical super glue you can buy at the drug store, but I just use what I have at hand. For papercuts, Neosporin+pain relief does wonders.
      – Steve

      1. special purpose medical super glue

        A long time ago I worked a couple of semesters at a research/teaching hospital, wherein I watched them super-glue dog innards together, when they were finding out how well cyanoacrylates performed. No stitches needed, just a little drop did the trick, even for veins & arteries deep down inside.

        Kind of used up the dogs in the process, but that was, after all, back in the old days…

        1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanoacrylate “Harry Coover, said in 1966 that a CA spray was used in the Vietnam War to retard bleeding in wounded soldiers until they could be brought to a hospital” It is still used today for this same purpose. It’s probably saved countless lives of those injured from “bleeding out”.

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