Brita Pitcher Lid: Second Hinge Pin Failure

Although that fix continues to work, the second pin failed pretty much as expected:

Brita pitcher lid - second broken pin
Brita pitcher lid - second broken pin

I glued the pin to rebuild the base, sheared the pin off, extracted the matching screw from the Tiny Vial of Teensy Screws, drilled a hole, and forced it in. This shot of the underside of the pitcher lid clearly shows that drilling the hole perpendicular to the edge doesn’t produce the proper alignment, but it works well enough:

Brita pitcher lid - pin angle
Brita pitcher lid - pin angle

The “Smart Pitcher” LCD panel in the lid that counts down six weeks until filter replacement didn’t survive its most recent trip through the dishwasher, so we’re reduced to marking the calendar. How 20th century…

4 thoughts on “Brita Pitcher Lid: Second Hinge Pin Failure

  1. We ignore the LCD doodad and time measurements and go by flavor. I quite like the flavor of tap water in the Netherlands, most of Germany, and Luxembourg, but over here in Antwerp it just tastes weird imo. Still a lot better than the tap water in the States (read: Illinois and Wisconsin) though, which frankly didn’t taste good at all unless it came through some kind of filter first.

    1. go by flavor

      They switched from chloramine to chlorine a while back, which makes the water smell faintly like a swimming pool: when I smell chlorine over the filtered water, it’s time for a new filter!

      Poughkeepsie water comes from the Hudson. New York City water comes from much further upstate through a huge set of buried aqueducts; they’re re-drilling and repairing the tunnel under the Hudson even as we speak.

      1. Yeah, swimming-pool-like is a good description of my tap water experiences in the US and France.

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