Tour Easy: Squeaky Pedal

Of late my Tour Easy has developed a squeak at the pedal-go-round rate. It has Performance Bike Campus pedals, with SPD cleats on one side and a rat-trap surface on the other, and only the SPD side squeaked.

Turns out that the two little mounting screws holding the cleat dingus worked their way loose.

SPD pedal screws
SPD pedal screws

I should probably ease some lube under that plate, just to be sure, but the simple fix worked fine…

(And, yeah, I should clean it, just once, to see what it’s like, right?)

4 thoughts on “Tour Easy: Squeaky Pedal

  1. Hm. Interesting. I had a similar problem this spring with the SPD-M324 pedal on the port side. It started with a slight tick every pedal stroke, till in a few hourse it got much worse and there ended up a lot of play.

    Was able to fix it with ship’s means (always have a Leatherman Wave with me), the pozidriv screwdriver did the trick.

    When I got home, I took all four screws out (both left and right), added a small dab of locking compound and tightened them. Obviously, the engineers who design pedals aren’t familar with locking methods and the need for it with dynamic loads. Maybe they should be made to watch this video….. (no affiliation with the company, am not even a user of their products – I prefer Loctite or locking wire….)

    1. aren’t familar with locking methods

      I’ve seen traces of thread lock in various holes, but I’m not sure about those pedals… at least not before they came loose. Now, I’m sure

  2. We have a lot of squeaky pedal/cleat interface issues around here. I use candle wax or beeswax because it lasts forever(*) and doesn’t pick up dust/dirt. It works great.
    (*) forever as long as it doesn’t get wet, which around here is forever, but where you’re at, might not work as well.

    1. forever as long as it doesn’t get wet,

      I hadda give up on White Lightning chain lube for that very reason. Doesn’t get wet often, but when it does, that’s pretty much the end of the story.

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