Upholstered Mouse Nest

After rearranging the pressure washer pipes, I hauled the grill out on the driveway and opened the lid. My Shop Assistant denied putting that ball of fuzz in there:

Wool ball in propane grill
Wool ball in propane grill

Gingerly prying it open revealed a mouse-sized pocket in the middle:

Wool ball interior
Wool ball interior

And a bit of investigation uncovered the source of the batting. Evidently, the corner seam of the ancient lawn couch thing (which came with the house and has been unused for over a decade) sitting on the patio had burst, leaving just enough room for an industrious mouse:

Source of the wool ball
Source of the wool ball

They’d been camping inside the cushion at least over the winter and evidently used the far corner as their latrine. We bagged the whole cushion and added it to the van full of trash headed for the town’s bulk collection, which fortunately occurred that weekend.

Now, to haul the frame to the metal recycler and take advantage of the current commodity price bubble…

6 thoughts on “Upholstered Mouse Nest

  1. I had a severe infestation during the avacado season. Plenty of food around and they breed like rats. My non shop assistant insists on keeping the balcony doors open in the mornings to let the fresh air in! The mice get in. Finally from Amazon a box full of Snap-E traps dispatched them. Last week one got in and chewed the Air conditioners fan vane motor. I heard they get a “high” from eating plastic from wires and coax cables.

    1. eating plastic from wires and coax cables

      Which works until they gnaw on the high voltage inside, at which point they’re toast. Unfortunately, you must then find the damaged section and replace the entire run.

      I’ll find my picture of the ‘possum staring back at me from among the attic insulation…

      1. We once opened up at an Adirondack camp after a long winter to find no voltage to the lamp fixture in the back stairwell. Removed the bottom tread and found the 12AWG Romex feed line neatly gnawed in half.

        Some critter (porcupine?) must have been pretty hungry or bored or both. Lucky for him the power was off during the winter.

        Then there was the sight that greeted me the first time I poked my head through the attic access hatch in our current house — the skeleton of a fully-desiccated rat, one paw clutching the neutral wire, the other clutching the hot wire. Maybe knob-and-tube wiring is not as safe as our town used to think (actually, seems like a feature, not a bug!).

        1. the first time I poked my head through the attic access hatch

          Scared your home inspector right off the job, I take it… [grin]

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