Even More Garish Kickstand Plate

Fluorescent Red Kickstand Pad
Fluorescent Red Kickstand Pad

Having managed to mislay my dingy yellow kickstand plate, I made two more and this time hit ’em with fluorescent red paint. Ought to be unforgettable for another few years…

In theory, you’re supposed to apply a white undercoat. I hosed ’em down with many drippy, runny coats of red and it’s all good. This ain’t art and they get thrown on the ground, so what’s the point of being fancy?

7 thoughts on “Even More Garish Kickstand Plate

  1. Hah! Not remembering your previous post, I looked at the photo, saw a primary-colored 3d widget, and assumed it came off of the Thing-o-Matic and thought “gee, that’s an awfully silly way to make that part”. :)

    1. I actually have some Safety Orange filament, but managed to wrestle that urge to the ground before it did any damage…

  2. You should’ve made it out of carbon fibre. Or titanium.

    Now all the roadies will look down upon you…. ;-)

    1. They already look down on me from a great height! [grin]

      I have some ersatz carbon-fiber handlebar tape that I could wrap around the bike’s steel tubing. Given all the other crap hanging on the thing, it’d be an amusing statement, I suppose.

      1. Yeah, know what you mean. I always get a chuckle out of seeing carbon bottle holders… especially the kind that holds 1.5 liter bottles :-)

        BTW, a kickstand is the one thing I miss the most on my bike now. Will be adding one soon.

        Funnily enough, I’ve only had pleasant experiences with roadies. Had plenty of nice conversations after a bit of ad-hoc sparring on the bike. Most here don’t seem to be so insecure that they have to look down upon ‘bents.

        1. plenty of nice conversations after a bit of ad-hoc sparring

          My Shop Assistant has been commuting 6+ miles each way to work, with a few miles on the new Rail Trail. Some roadies use it as a sprint track and she’s been reeling them in: the really fancy Lycra-clad ones seem surprised when a teenage girl on a huge bike overtakes and passes them. She must play catch-and-release, though, because she exits the Rail Trail before they do.

          I’m spotting most of them several tens of years and pounds, but I think the beard & goggles makes me much more ominous. Or maybe it’s the cute bicycle bell going tink tink tink behind them as I get ready to pass? We’ve had some really good 25 mph jousts, although the way I see it, if I can keep up with them, they’re not really hardcore roadies. I give ’em a big smile & wave and we get along well.

          I can’t maintain that pace for very long, but …

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