Dockers Sock Sizing

We picked up two packs of Dockers socks a while ago and after running them through the washer, I found this interesting situation:

Dockers sock size variation
Dockers sock size variation

The gray sock in the middle shows that I should buy socks somewhat more often,  but the socks on either side came from two packs with identical labels. Well, identical except for one tiny detail (clicky for more dots):

Dockers sock labels - front
Dockers sock labels - front

I don’t know which sock came from which pack, but I admit to a suspicion. They’re stretchy and both “sizes” fit about the same, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

[Update: It does matter. Those small socks became really snug after a few months.]

Oh, in case you were wondering, the pre-printed package reads “3 Pair $12” under that “3 Pair” sticker, with the price obliterated by hand with a marker. The current price is $14, conveyed by another sticker on the back atop the pre-printed price on the UPC barcode sticker. I don’t know if the store raised the price just in time for the sale, but I admit to a suspicion about that, too.

3 thoughts on “Dockers Sock Sizing

  1. That’s a curious one. I suspect they were actually made to the same size specification, but with a different blend of fibers or knit technique/tension or somesuch. Once upon a time, I was invited to beta test a new sock design. I was given several pairs, a few each of two types, marked with code letters. I was to wear them as often as possible for a month, then report any differences I noticed between them. Initially, they were pretty similar, but after a while, one kind lost its stretchiness and became rather loose. The company later let me know what was being tested. They had a new version that was supposed to provide better initial fit. As it happens, the initial fit wasn’t particularly different, but the new design wore out faster! I’m glad they actually test these things.

    1. a different blend of fibers or knit technique/tension

      That would explain it; my ladies often knit up a trial piece to discover what size the final thing will be, then adjust accordingly.

      Used to be, I could reach into the drawer, pull out two random socks, and they’d match! Now I must pull out three to guarantee a matching pair and I can’t do the comparison reliably in the dark. Tick me off…

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