Harbor Freight Multi-Use Transfer Pump: What’s It Good For, Again?

The front of the label giveth (clicky for more dots):

Harbor Freight Pump
Harbor Freight Pump

The bottom line says “Ideal for changing oil and siphoning gas”, which is what you’d expect.

However, the back of the label taketh away:

Harbor Freight Pump - Warning
Harbor Freight Pump - Warning

If it manages to empty three small engine tanks and doesn’t immediately dissolve in gasoline, I’ll call it a win.

Sheesh and similar remarks.

8 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Multi-Use Transfer Pump: What’s It Good For, Again?

  1. lol, I saw this the last time I was at HF… but can one really complain for $6? Their slogan should be “Always an Adventure (saefty glasses required)”. Now I’m reminded that I need to take back that torque wrench that was DOA.

    1. but can one really complain for $6?

      Even less that that on sale, which is the only time to buy anything there.

      As nearly as I can tell, HF is the Politburo’s tool-oriented user interface, just like Walmart is their dry goods UI. At least you know who / what you’re dealing with…

  2. I consider all the tools that come from there “single use”. If you get more than one use out of anything from there, it’s bonus time.

    1. I admit that pump has been sitting on the garage floor, waiting for a day when the stars all line up properly. Maybe if I do all three tanks at once, that’ll count as a “single use” and I won’t feel so bad about scrapping it out…

  3. I was able to get _ignition_ from ILL quite a few years ago — you’ll really enjoy it.

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