Too Many Deer: Another One Bites The Dust

One Less Deer
One Less Deer

Sat down for some tech reading in the Comfy Chair one morning and spotted a lump near the road, at the foot of the deer crossing warning sign.

While I don’t know if this deer was one of that group, it’s a fair bet.

There was no freshly smashed glass or broken plastic in the area, which indicates a relatively low-speed collision, the kind where the deer’s legs snap against the bumper and the body rolls over the hood, crushing sheet metal and deforming plastic frippery along the way.

Many cars display that kind of damage around here. They look as though somebody walloped them with a huge sandbag, which is pretty much the case.

The animal huggers seem strangely silent about such events. If they had the courage of their convictions, they’d subsidize drivers (and gardeners) affected by the deer overpopulating the area. But, no, they never offer to do that.

I did find this in the driveway across the street…

Deer Whistle
Deer Whistle

Before equipping your car with such gimcrackery, read that.

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