Car vs. Mailbox: Replacement Boxes

Combining a new mailbox with a post and an old mailbox I had on hand, upcycling some scrap wood, then sticking on a few digits and a seasonal decoration found on a walk, should shake loose the mail currently stuck in the USPS delivery system:

Mailboxes - south view
Mailboxes – south view

That’s an Extra Large mailbox, suitable for most packages arriving by USPS, and dwarfing the ordinary mailbox on the north side:

Mailboxes - north view
Mailboxes – north view

The post is just uphill from the utility pole stub formerly supporting the previous mailboxes. Much to my astonishment, my post hole digger got 30 inches down before hitting The Final Rock, deep enough for the task at hand.

The boxes sit on slabs harvested from an old door and screwed to two layers of Chinese plywood from the laser cutter’s shipping crate, all unpainted / untreated interior-grade (at best) wood cut with a circular saw. My assumption is they’ll last long enough for the purpose and, not having formed a deep emotional bond with them, I won’t feel too bad when the assembly gets pulverized.

The whole affair sports a rakish tilt toward the street, in the hope of encouraging rainwater to run off, rather than soak in, but I fully expect the untreated plywood to act as a sponge and delaminate / curl / splay in a spectacular & amusing fashion.

The pale rectangle across the vertical post is a (laser cut!) Chinese plywood plate intended to hold the crossbar together. The vertical and horizontal posts meet in a simple cross lap joint that surely wasn’t intended to support nearly so much weight: reinforcement seems appropriate.

Next project: sort out the insurance claim …

2 thoughts on “Car vs. Mailbox: Replacement Boxes

  1. … my post hole digger got 30 inches down
    before hitting The Final Rock.
    I bought a post hole digger at a garage sale. Didn’t really need it but now I can boast of having a PhD.

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