Toilet Flush Valve Re-chaining

I don’t think I flushed the pot any more vigorously than usual, but the plastic chain snapped off at the flush valve:

Flush valve chain - broken plastic
Flush valve chain – broken plastic

Some rummaging in the Chain Locker produced a steel chain from a long-ago flush valve that snapped into place:

Flush valve chain - steel
Flush valve chain – steel

Despite what you may think, I do not enjoy fiddling with this stuff, so I locked the link in place with a dab of hot melt glue:

Flush valve chain - steel glued
Flush valve chain – steel glued

Having recently repaired the other pot in the house, perhaps they’ll stay fixed for a while. It could happen!

2 thoughts on “Toilet Flush Valve Re-chaining

  1. Those unwelded chains are the worst. I bet someday soon you’ll get a slight tangle in the chain thereby shortening it. A strong tug on the toilet handle spreads a link open and then the chain comes apart after a few more flushes. Curses ensue.

    1. Nah, they’re a close second behind fragile plastic chains.

      A pox on their collective backside for cheapnifying a simple chain so it no longer works.

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