Rodent-Approved Carrot Crop

The final garden harvest included several carrots minus their leafy tops:

Rodent-approved Carrot
Rodent-approved Carrot

I sliced that top from a rather rotund carrot and the broad tooth marks suggest a large rodent. Mary found and blocked a tunnel under the fence, so we think it was a groundhog, rather than a rabbit, but we’ll never know the rest of the story.

The rest of the carrot was fine, so the unknown critter had mmmm good taste. Unfortunately, it sampled far too many root crops as it toured the buffet, leaving Mary’s root-cellared stockpile unusually low for our winter meals.

2 thoughts on “Rodent-Approved Carrot Crop

  1. Our summer garden has done a lot better since our neighbors have been aiding and abetting the feral/semi-feral/domesticated(hah!) cats.

    I did catch and release one tree squirrel and several chipmunks this summer (the ‘munks ignore the zucchini and the tomatoes are in a no-rodent greenhouse) before putting the traps in storage. Nary a ground squirrel for the past few years.

    1. A hawk in a tree stooped on a critter beside the road exactly as we pedaled past: go hawk go!

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