Smashed Glass Work Palette

Having a myriad small glass fragments and an idea for their use created the problems of organizing the pieces while not losing them under the bench.

As with the shattered shot-glass coaster, start by lining up the suspects on the scanner:

Small fragments
Small fragments

Blow out the contrast, flip right-to-left, then mask them en masse:

Small fragments - masked
Small fragments – masked

Delete the images (inside their selection masks) to create a binary mask:

Small fragments - masks
Small fragments – masks

Have LightBurn trace the binary images, wrap a rounded rectangle around the lot of them, duplicate the rectangle as a base plate, then fire the laser:

Smashed glass palette - fresh cut
Smashed glass palette – fresh cut

They’re not secured in their sockets, but they won’t fall out unless I fat-finger the whole affair:

Smashed glass palette - loaded
Smashed glass palette – loaded

The thing that takes getting used to: the whole process was about two hours of wall clock time from start to finish, with a leisurely breakfast and KP in the middle.

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