OMTech 60 W Laser: Ris(er)ing to the Occasion

Nearly everybody with a floor-standing laser cutter eventually decides it’s much too low for comfort:

OMTech Laser - leg risers
OMTech Laser – leg risers

Those are the 5 inch sections of a furniture riser set (the 3 inch sections are visible at the left rear of the picture, ready for deployment). With the legs extended to their full length, they put the laser’s honeycomb platform about 30 inches from the floor, so the complete set will raise it to 33-ish inches.

I went full-frontal Archimedes by levering each end of the cabinet up an inch at a time using one of those maple shelves atop an increasingly tall fulcrum made of various planks, then lowering the ever-lengthening legs atop stacks of plywood. Eventually I could roll a floor jack under the end beam to simplify the rest of the lift.

Protip: lock the casters to prevent movement.

More height makes reaching inside the machine much more comfortable!

At least for me. Mary says it’s now much too high for her …

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