4 thoughts on “TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

  1. Many years ago when good note-taking became business necessity, I switched to a fountain pen and Molskine. Because the pen made me slow down a bit, my penmanship improved dramatically. I kept with that arrangement for nearly twenty years, with different pens and better paper along the way. Now I use an iPad and Apple pencil and find the notes integration with computer to be a significant upgrade.

    One piece of advice. Keep you pen clean lest it become not-a-pen.

    1. It’s apparently easy to dismantle the whole pen for cleaning, but previous experience with plotter pens suggests doing it under running water while wearing the Shop Apron. The minimal instructions emphasize cleaning the feeder fins after refilling and burping it, so I now have a dedicated towel snippet in the drawer. So far, so good!

  2. Your handwriting isn’t that terrible–I can read it.

    On a bad day, my chicken scratches aren’t human readable at all–when I can’t figure out what I wrote, it’s bad. [wince]

    Reason 64 why I use auto-pay for utilities whenever I trust the vendor. (Looks at credit card issuer and The Electric Company–will scribble out checks for them.)

    1. I gave up hand-writing envelopes loooong ago; a few trips down and up the stairs to the printer counts as good exercise, sez me.

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