Why LED Lamps Fail

Spotted over a fast food emporium’s parking lot:

Disemboweled parking lot light
Disemboweled parking lot light

It’s hard to be sure, but I think there’s a paper wasp nest around the bundle of wires just above the transformer / ballast / whatever. Perhaps the repair tech departed with the job unfinished?

As with traffic signals, flashlights, and automotive lighting, the LEDs surely work long after the driver circuitry has given up.

4 thoughts on “Why LED Lamps Fail

  1. Once upon I time, when we still had DSL the line would drop during rainy or humid weather. Eventually, the lineman found a wasp nest in the distribution box at the pole.

      1. Oh no.
        Maybe he knew that it was late enough in the season, but he just climbed down the ladder, went to the truck, and grabbed the insect spray.
        Obviously it wasn’t the first time.

  2. At times I suspect that wasps can sense electrical currents are attracted to them, because I find an awful lot of wasp nests built on or in outside electrical components. I am very cautious opening breaker boxes located outside for that reason. If anyone ever markets a flying insect spray that is non-conductive (like a powder, maybe?) I would buy it by the case.

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