Google Play Store Ad Bidding Delay

Being that type of guy, I turn my phone off during the night while it’s charging, turn it on for the next day’s adventures, and check the Google Play App Store to see which apps will get updates.

The vast machine learning / AI / whatever analyzing my every move still hasn’t figured out my morning ritual, so it desperately tries to sell me crap:

Google Play Store - app ad delay
Google Play Store – app ad delay

My guess: those blank spots are placeholders for app ads, but, while the phone is busy scanning for malicious apps, the ad bidding process doesn’t complete fast enough to update the display before I see it.

FWIW, I had the Genuine NYS Covid-19 app installed for a while, but I very rarely go anywhere or see anybody, so it seemed to offer no net benefit.

3 thoughts on “Google Play Store Ad Bidding Delay

  1. “…but I very rarely go anywhere or see anybody…”

    “Hell is other people.”
    — Jean-Paul Sartre

    Or COVID-19.

    1. Could go either way.

      Fortunately, I have a Basement Shop and enjoy Quality Shop Time.

      1. Likewise, I do enjoy quality time with myself. I’d say maybe mean or cruel people, stupid people, or at a minimum unlike minded people are the hardest to tolerate but in general I can be pretty social and avoid sensitive topics as hard as that can be at times. Avoiding conflict never hurt anyone.

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