Fiskars Bypass Pruner Rehabilitation

Mary found a rusted Fiskars bypass pruner in the trash pile near her Vassar Farms plot and brought it home for proper disposal. The nuts and screws responded to an overnight penetrating oil treatment and it came apart easily:

Fiskars bypass pruner - as found
Fiskars bypass pruner – as found

The movable jaw may have once sported a PTFE coating, but it’s likely just a different steel alloy.

After scrubbing the pieces with an abrasive pad, a little diamond filing, and (at the insistence of the Squidwrench chorus) some Dremel wire-wheel action, it looks almost new:

Fiskars bypass pruner - restored
Fiskars bypass pruner – restored

The blades sport a few nicks from their previous life, but work well enough.