Bafang Charger Cord Anchor

The Bafang battery charger uses an AC line cord “binocular” connector with what must be the weakest spring contacts ever made, which finally annoyed me enough to fix:

Bafang charger - AC line cord anchor
Bafang charger – AC line cord anchor

Also, the case now sports four thick fuzzy felt feet to keep it from sliding around quite so easily.

Another customer-does-the-last-ten-percent product …

4 thoughts on “Bafang Charger Cord Anchor

  1. I’m now up to three Dell laptops (two were windows machines upgraded to Slackware with the 5.13 kernel), and their power supplies tend to have sturdy line connectors. The large Inspiron* is now my travel machine, and it’s easiest to keep the triple connector plugged into the power supply. Nice machine if I want to watch a DVD at the hotel.

    (*) Decent machine, circa 2012. Good processor, but a bog-slow disk drive. I’ll probably fit it with the WSJT and other ham radio applications to see how it compares with the off-lease formerly Win10 machine.

    1. Somewhere in the collection is a laptop power brick with a trinocular plug: earth ground, hot, and neutral. Probably from an IBM Thinkpad, back in the day, before anybody believed in double insulation and suchlike.

  2. Those sharp u-bends doesn’t look friendly to what is doubtless wire of the same quality as the contact springs… why not put a dab of cyanoacrylate on the end instead? It’ll surely shear off if you become sufficiently motivated.

    1. Good point!

      I hadn’t considered the possibility of mmmm copper-clad aluminum wiring in something as spendy as the Bafang package, but, yeah, it could be. If the cord survives to the end of the riding season, I’ll define it to be Not A Problem.

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