House Flipping

Sometimes I get text messages:

House Hunting Chat
House Hunting Chat

BzzzzclickNO CARRIER

I’m reasonably sure “Caroline” is really a property flipper, so we’re not in “her” target market.

Should you be interested in moving into the Hudson Valley, we can probably make a mutually beneficial deal. Protip: use email.

If only Android allowed whitelisting SMS message sources.

6 thoughts on “House Flipping

    1. We can be bought, but “Caroline” wasn’t that interested in buying.

      I asked our CFO what it would take to get her to move right now and next time I’ll add another 10%. It was enough over the assessed value to make flipping the place unattractive and produced exactly the result we expected: nothing.

  1. My Dad inherited a small building lot on Long Island. He had no interest in building there but wanted to sell for its true value. Over years, he received the 1960s equivalent of texts… postcards, hand written letters and occasional phone calls. He told me that when somebody drove the 150 miles to our house and showed up at the door with a check book in hand, they were serious. Eventually they did. Keep your bags packed and watch your doorstep!

    1. The big farmhouse three driveways south of here recently sold in a matter of days months for (a bit over) the asking price in cash with no conditions. I figured there might be something in the air, so, hey, if “Caroline” would pile enough cash on the table, we could be convinced to pack our tools & toys!

      Gotta update my go kit: for enough cash, they could do the house-with-contents thing, too. [grin]

  2. Ed, I think if you’d asked for $499,990 the response would have been different! Half a megabuck is a psychological barrier … :-)

    1. Well played, sir!

      Obviously I need a Real Estate Agent to handle the marketing …

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