Amazon Packaging: Grease Cartridge

I knew this would happen, so I made sure to not order anything that could possibly arrive at the same time:

Grease cartridge - casual packaging
Grease cartridge – casual packaging

I’ll apply the grease by hand, so the fact the cartridge cannot fit into a piston-fed gun doesn’t matter:

Grease cartridge - cap damage
Grease cartridge – cap damage

I recently placed one order for a BFW and another for four small bottles, all of which arrived in a single box with a thoroughly flattened air pillow strip. Fortunately, the bottles were plastic and survived unscathed, but I’m sure it got ugly in there.

Given that one order for multiple items has arrived in three different boxes on two different days, it’s exceedingly difficult to work around Amazon’s corporate-level indifference for safe packaging.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Packaging: Grease Cartridge

  1. The best way to make sure Amazon doesn’t destroy what you buy is to not order anything from them.

    1. I’ve been trying to buy directly from the source, rather than from Amazon. For the kinds of things I generally buy, there are no local sources and onesie-twosie orders incur absurd shipping charges, making Amazon / eBay the least awful alternative.

  2. I’m contrasting that packing with what I’m seeing from DX Engineering. Those guys are adamant that stuff not move around inside the boxes.

    FWIW, I’m trading off between them and Ham Radio Outlet. Struck out for a desk microphone from DXE, but digital modes might be more useful around here. Not quite ready to set up the tractor to auger a hole for the antenna mast, but soon. I can get on the tractor with the knee brace, but it’s not much fun.

    1. The Bafang motor and battery arrived as a solid block of stuff-fitted-in-foam, with no way for anything to wiggle loose, and likely traveled halfway around the planet in a container packed solid with a zillion identical boxes. Surprisingly well done!

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