Blog Summary: 2020

You can’t make up results like this for a techie kind of blog:

Blog Top Post Summary - 2020-12-31
Blog Top Post Summary – 2020-12-31

Given my demographic cohort, bedbugs suddenly seemed downright friendly.

Overall, this blog had 109 k visitors and 204 k page views. The ratio of 1.8 pages / visitor has been roughly constant for the last few years, so I assume most folks find one more interesting post before wandering off.

My take from the increasing volume of ads WordPress shovels at those of you who (foolishly) aren’t using an ad blocker continues to fall:

Blog Ad Summary - 2020-12-31
Blog Ad Summary – 2020-12-31

The CPM graph scale seems deliberately scrunched, but the value now ticks along at 25¢ / thousand impressions, adding up to perhaps $250 over the full year. Obviously, I’m not in this for the money.

The ratio of five ads per page view remains more or less constant. Because Google continues to neuter Chrome’s ad blocking ability, I highly recommend using Firefox with uBlock Origin.

WordPress gives me no control over which ads they serve, nor where they put ads on the page. By paying WordPress about $50 / year I could turn off all their ads and convert the blog into a dead loss. I’m nearing their 3 GB limit for media files on a “free” blog, so the calculation may change late next year.

Onward, into Year Two …

6 thoughts on “Blog Summary: 2020

  1. You have ads on your blog? [grin]

    Pale Moon with AdBlock Latitude works quite well, if you are willing to put up with PM’s quirks. (I have a copy of Firefox for the occasional Youtube video that won’t play on Pale Moon.)

    1. So I’m told. You know how slippery the truth has become nowadays, though.

    2. “Ads? What ads?” But alas you beat me to it! Cheers!

  2. Is the start of a new year a good time to ask for particular topics?

    I would love to see a tour of the “Basement Machine Shop”, however you store your endless supply of “good junk” (including spares purchased in advance!), and how you keep the shrapnel of each project from interfering with others.

    I’m in the throes of cleaning out my inherited lab space that was set up by a HAM I never got to meet and I’m looking for ideas.

    BTW that is my laptop in with a good friend looking for a good signal. I’m not imposing enough to get used to being a temporary landmark.

    1. My buddy Eks once observed that the ideal workbench is four feet wide and six inches deep, because you can only keep that much cleared off. All my photos have very careful alignment to avoid showing the clutter beyond the front edge.

      I’ll try to write up a few posts about keeping things organized, if not exactly neat.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. When I set up shop in my barn (never for livestock unless mice count), I did a 10′ x 20′ work room. That was back around 2004, and I discovered a few issues over the years.

    The main issues were workbenches. Protip: it’s a bad idea to set the height to stand-only and make them non-adjustable (the structure is glued and screwed in place by the tops). I’m doing a 3′ x 2′ bench for sit-down work. I actually can afford tall stools now, but they’re not locally available.

    Also, more light is a good thing. I recently upgraded from 10,000 lumens worth of CF bulbs to add LED shoplights and better LED bulbs. That kicked the light (in a white-painted room) to 21,000 lumens. I do find it useful to turn off the overhead lights when I have to do much on the computer. At least I did a second light switch for that event. Whew.

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