The Perils of Ubiquitous WiFi

The main aisle at the Trinity contest is a busy place, but that didn’t seem to matter. This guy came ambling along, tapping on the keyboard, walking slower and slower, until he just dropped to a dead stop(*) in the middle of the lane:

Distracted Walking
Distracted Walking

Everyone gave him plenty of clearance until he eventually rejoined consensus reality and moved on…

(*) There’s a song about that, but you’re gonna have to find it yourself.

4 thoughts on “The Perils of Ubiquitous WiFi

  1. Ha ha! That’s me. I was trying to get a stable connection on a netbook to download a software update for a C compiler. We were in the far end of the gym and couldn’t get a reliable connection, so I went for a walk. ;-)

    1. download a software update for a C compiler

      Updating a compiler just before a contest: the Force is strong with you! I commend the Thompson Hack to your attention…

      And, yes, I’ve done distracted walking, too. It’s just that nobody’s picked on me. Yet. [grin]

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