Posts will appear intermittently over the next week or two.

I’m still spending an inordinate amount of time studying the back of my eyelids while horizontally polarized in the lift chair. I can highly recommend not doing whatever it is that triggers a pinched lumbar nerve, but as nearly as I can tell, the proximate cause (shredding leaves) isn’t anything close to whatever the root cause might be.

It does provide plenty of time to conjure solid models from the vasty digital deep:

Wheelchair Brake Mods - solid model - build layout
Wheelchair Brake Mods – solid model – build layout

The wheelchair brake lever seems to have been designed by somebody who never actually had to shove it very often:

Drive Wheelchair Brake
Drive Wheelchair Brake

At least I can fix that

4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Good luck with that, Ed. Consider finding a therapist that does the John Barnes style MFR.

    1. Rolling walker brakes are slightly better, since they can steal bicycle designs. Haven’t any experience with a wheelchair. (“Yet”, he mumbles.)

      Good idea on using a physical therapist. I resisted for my issues because of the 80 mile round trip needed for a visit, but my pinches were milder. OTOH, my doctor gave a set of stretches that relieved the first pinch, though it wasn’t until he suggested a modification to the stretches that I started making real progress with the second one.

      Do something stupid, feel the pain. “Stupid” gets redefined by your body, with Murphy’s assistance.

      FWIW, my body wants 6 weeks of practice before any stretch/exercise actually feels like it helps.

  2. Hope you get back on your feet quickly Ed. That said, it never hurts (no pun intended) to have a little down time to come up with some new project ideas.

  3. They say it sucks getting old, but I prefer it to the alternative.

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