Nutmeg Season

Well, it’s really zucchini bread season, with grated nutmeg among the spices (*):

Zucchini bread - minus QC sample
Zucchini bread – minus QC sample

Having recently bought a very sharp grater, I hauled out a small vise to save my fingertips:

Nutmeg grating - mini-vise
Nutmeg grating – mini-vise

The dark lunette comes from a previous clamping attempt; it takes a while to find the most secure pin arrangement.

Grate a flat:

Nutmeg grating - first flat
Nutmeg grating – first flat

I’ve always enjoyed the surprisingly intricate patterns inside what looks like a bland nut.

Flip it over, flatten the other side, and grab it in an even smaller vise:

Nutmeg grating - flat clamping
Nutmeg grating – flat clamping

In truth, that vise is intended for small cylinders, not flattened nuts, but I figured it’d suffice for light-duty use. Grate parallel to the vise screw, reclamp as needed, and it worked out reasonably well.

Eventually, you have a pile of powder and one cubic nutmeg:

Nutmeg grating - results
Nutmeg grating – results

I’m sure there’s a way to grate the remaining cube, but I’m unwilling to shred my fingertips.

Tip the powder into a small jar and repeat as needed. Each nutmeg produces about 5 grams and I did three of the things this time.


(*) We omit the cloves and knock the sugar down by half. Your tastes will surely differ.

Update: Mary’s recipe!

15 thoughts on “Nutmeg Season

  1. What – no recipe?
    Certainly it contains more than zucchini, nutmeg, half-sugar and no-cloves.

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  2. PLA glue one flat side to a stick and grate all the nutmeg.

        1. Proving, without a doubt, that I have lost traction on contemporary music …

          I think that’s what it is, right? [sigh]

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