Long-gone Labeling

These appeared while I was extricating the 3-axis positioner from an old project:

Migrated felt-tip pen labels
Migrated felt-tip pen labels

I’m reasonably sure those labels started with blue ink from my all-time favorite Ultra-Fine-Point Sharpie markers on address labels covered with ordinary matte tape. Fourteen years on, the X, Y, and Drive legends are pretty much indistinguishable.

Nothing lasts …

One thought on “Long-gone Labeling

  1. I have been using Black Sharpies for years and so far so good, it even holds up for quite a while for marking laundry but the fine print says “Not for Laundry.” There are also some wire markers that have a white section to write on and a clear over wrap when the label is wrapped around a wire.

    The neat ones I liked at work were a print on shrink wrap, came in rolls.

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