Glass Tiles: Proof of Concept

Extract some victims from a square foot of glass tiles:

Glass Tiles - as sold
Glass Tiles – as sold

Wire an old WS2812 breakout board (the new ones are much larger) to an Arduino Nano running the Nissan Fog Lamp firmware:

Glass Tile - backlight blue - setup
Glass Tile – backlight blue – setup

Aaaand it looks like this might actually work:

Glass Tile - backlight blue
Glass Tile – backlight blue

The WS2812 “beam” illuminates the 25 mm square tile without too much vignetting at about 15 mm.

The bottom tile is white-ish, the top is gray-ish, and they look different enough to justify using only one color in each array:

Glass Tile - backlight neutral
Glass Tile – backlight neutral

Now, for some solid modeling …

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