Glass Tiles

A sheet of cheap-on-closeout glass tiles emerged from the back of the Basement Laboratory workbench:

Glass Tiles - as sold
Glass Tiles – as sold

They’re intended for bathroom / kitchen backsplash panels and suchlike, rather than floors. Surprisingly, the white frit backing is diffuse, translucent, and lights up nicely with a backlight, although I lack sufficient hands for a convincing picture.

One can, with some effort, peel the tiles from their foot-square backing mesh, which leaves them covered with the resolutely sticky adhesive:

Glass Tiles - adhesive mesh
Glass Tiles – adhesive mesh

Applying the razor scraper removes most of the gum, xylene removes most of the remainder, and what’s left isn’t visible through the frit.

They’re 25 mm square and 4 mm thick, with sufficient edge imperfections to require half a millimeter of clearance on all sides

Sixteen pixels would make an adequate display:

Glass Tiles - sample layout
Glass Tiles – sample layout

Perhaps something random:

Random LED Dots - circuit board
Random LED Dots – circuit board

Now, if only I could find the matching Round Tuit™ on the bench.