Floor Lamp: Rattle-Can Black

Shooting the modified copper elbow with gloss black atop gray primer definitely improved its disposition:

Floor Lamp - painted elbow - installed
Floor Lamp – painted elbow – installed

I’d have been more inclined to apply several light coats if the wind weren’t blowing up a storm. As it was, I shot enough black to cover the not-quite-dry primer (“top coat at any time”) and called it a day.

The scuffed tubes aren’t quite that ugly in person, but they have suffered some abuse along the way. Seen from a normal working distance, however, it’s all good:

Floor Lamp - finished
Floor Lamp – finished

The lamp isn’t quite as tippy as I feared, so I’ll try it without the broken truck spring counterweight until something untoward happens.

I loves me some happy ending …

3 thoughts on “Floor Lamp: Rattle-Can Black

  1. I tried to comment yesterday but it wasn’t having any of it…
    If I had the same elbow to pretty-up, I would raid my stock of large shrink sleeving. Performs a good cover-all for minor surface grot and gives a uniform black (well depends on your stock) finish.
    Too late for this one I guess!

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