Cheese Slicer Re-wiring

This happens occasionally:

Cheese slicer - snapped wire
Cheese slicer – snapped wire

Repairing it with a length of 20 mil = 0.5 mm music wire didn’t take long:

Cheese slicer - new wire
Cheese slicer – new wire

What did take a while was removing one of the screws, turning off another millimeter of thread, and sticking it back in again. The new wire is slightly thinner, stacks up just slightly less under the screw head (maybe I used two turns instead of three?), and let the thread stick into the Delrin bushing I put inside the aluminum roller.

Imagine the middle screw with a slightly longer smooth end and you’ve got the idea:

Cheese slicer - screw shafts
Cheese slicer – screw shafts

That was easy …

It’s worth noting the JB Weld epoxy coating remains in as-applied condition after well over a year.