Vole Fatality

Voles apparently live only a few months, so this one may have run out of gas while crossing the driveway:

Vole - dead on driveway
Vole – dead on driveway

Or it just caught a heart attack?

It definitely wasn’t playing possum; nobody can lie still with ants up their nose.

It had vanished when we returned from our afternoon ride, so somebody further up the food chain also noticed it. As my buddy dBm puts it, “In Nature, nothing goes to waste.”

2 thoughts on “Vole Fatality

  1. When I got home from work yesterday I found half a vole at the back door from one of my cats. It had been perfectly cleaved in two before they got bored, full, or distracted and then moved on to something else. This morning, the other half was gone and the project taken over by someone less than picky. I’ve certainly thought the same about nature when it comes to vegetables in the garden and fruit on trees that I have offered to others, that nothing really goes to waste.

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