KEDSUM LED Shop Lights: Cheapnification Thereof

As the basement’s fluorescent fixtures and lamps gradually die, I’ve been rewiring the fixtures for LED tubes, all bought from KEDSUM through Amazon. The first few batches looked like this:

Kedsum - good LED lamp
Kedsum – good LED lamp

The most recent two batches seem cheapnified:

Kedsum - poor LED lamp
Kedsum – poor LED lamp

The tubes show similar changes, going from a stylin’ version to a simple cylindrical cap:

Kedsum vs Kedsun - tube end caps
Kedsum vs Kedsun – tube end caps

The most recent carton label might lead you to think they’re counterfeits, but it could just be a simple typo:

Kedsum vs Kedsun - LED lamp carton
Kedsum vs Kedsun – LED lamp carton

There’s absolutely no way to tell what you’re going to get from any vendor on Amazon (or anywhere else, for that matter), so there’s no point in returning them, but I’d hoped buying “the same thing” from “the same seller” would produce a consistent result.

6 thoughts on “KEDSUM LED Shop Lights: Cheapnification Thereof

  1. The randomness is painful. I needed to replace a back-up camper for our little camper, and the same item from the same vendor (based on Amazon’s history at least) doesn’t even look the same. Some searches later, I found one with a different name from a different vendor but at least the picture looks the same. It arrives today so we’ll see.

    1. Kinda like eBay: the exact same picture, sometimes with the identical watermark, appears in dozens of listings with wildly varying prices. AFAICT, all of the bottom-feeder eBay “sellers” actually work from the same boiler room and sell the same stuff from the same drop-shipper, which probably explains many Amazon “marketplace” listings, too.

  2. That’s pretty sad. How are the good ones compared to classic tubes? I’m not looking for any replacements until something breaks obviously, but the ancient fluorescent tubes in our kitchen have a terribly loud hum.

    1. All the LED tubes have more-or-less the same light output, which is definitely less than a new fluorescent tube; maybe the LEDs are equal to an old tube. I buy cold “daylight” tubes to get more light than the “warm” ones allegedly provide, but it surely doesn’t make as much difference as I want to believe.

    1. For my next shop: thanks for the pointer!

      The last batch of LEDs should take care of the remaining fluorescent fixtures, whereupon I’m done with rewiring and not a moment too soon.

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