Walkway Over The Hudson: Privileged Parking

Walkway West - Privileged Parking
Walkway West – Privileged Parking

Although different rules apply to the Park staff, so they can drive back & forth across a crowded Walkway with impunity, it’d be courteous if they didn’t block the bike rack with their vehicles. After we parked our bikes in the rack, the woman riding the third bike couldn’t get out and two other riders simply leaned their bikes against the Welcome Center.

Privilege is one thing, flaunting it seems entirely unnecessary.

I’ve yet to understand why the staff must drive over the Walkway at any time, not just park on the pedestrian plaza, as there’s a perfectly serviceable bridge designed specifically for motor vehicles barely half a mile to the south. Heck, on a clear day, you can even see it from the Walkway. [grin]

Our bikes get us from one end to the other in under ten minutes, about as fast as the Park staff can drive, so using a car doesn’t provide any speed advantage. I can carry a week’s worth of groceries in my bike trailer and rarely see the staff carrying anything bigger in the car, so a “we must haul stuff” excuse seems self-serving.

Every “unintended acceleration” mass-casualty incident involves a vehicle, a bunch of pedestrians, and a driver who never thought it could happen. Proactively eliminating vehicle traffic from the Walkway seems much easier than explaining why you didn’t.

Parking vehicles in appropriate places doesn’t require any explanation.

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Email to Walkway Over the Hudson

I should have sent it to the sprawling NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, but I hoped the Walkway staff could forward it to the right person. Haven’t heard anything back; I should have saved the electrons.

10 thoughts on “Walkway Over The Hudson: Privileged Parking

  1. You don’t understand… Certain people are IN A HURRY and they are IMPORTANT. Such people deserve deference and respect. They are privileged to park wherever and however they like. When you encounter them take off your hat and bow your head.

    1. Most of ’em seem to be worker bees Just Doing Their Jobs, but we’re still one oopsie away from a mass casualty incident.

  2. It’s people who park like that who make a Schrader valve wrench oh-so-tempting. (And dangerous…)

      1. Agreed, especially with the cost of tires. (Not to mention likely surveillance cameras.) Still, one can daydream…

        Actually, with the walkway you describe, unintended acceleration isn’t the only threat. Be nice to see vehicle barriers to hinder those with malicious intent.

        1. They used to have chicanes of water-filled Jersey barriers along the east entrance, but I suspect those limited Official Vehicle Access entirely too much.

          And, yes, the Walkway has cameras out the wazoo.

  3. I think bike-pedestrian collisions are a much greater hazard than the occasional car that drives across the walkway. When I’ve seen a car drive across, they proceed slowly and carefully. Many bikers on the other hand, think it’s a raceway. Since the name is Walkway Over the Hudson, it should be pedestrians only. Bikers would be welcome to walk their bikes across.

    1. Even their logo suggests a collision course …

      Walkway Over the Hudson logo

      So, it’s a compromise. Cyclists should enjoy a slow crossing and pedestrians should keep one ear open.

      We seem to be the only cyclists who ding our way across the bridge …

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