Transistor Leads vs. Antistatic Foam

Why you shouldn’t use antistatic foam for long-term storage:

Anti-static foam - decades of corrosion
Anti-static foam – decades of corrosion

The lump emerged from Mad Phil’s parts stash, now residing under a bench at Squidwrench. The 952 date code on the HEP802 JFET suggests he tucked it in around 1980; you’re looking at nigh onto four decades of corrosion.

Memo to Self: use it or lose it!

2 thoughts on “Transistor Leads vs. Antistatic Foam

  1. I hate 3 digit date codes. When you have to know context to get the decade right…

    1. Like having a tiny Y2K every ten years!

      They’re obviously far beyond their best-used-by date, no matter when it might have been, so we can’t quibble about the details. [grin]

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