We’ll be tackling several long-delayed household projects during the next month. As a consequence, I won’t be doing my usual techie tinkering and will post shop notes only occasionally.

There’s not much to say about scraping, priming, and repainting, other than that it’s an ugly job which must get done!

Turkey on patio rail
Turkey on patio rail

If only we could train the turkeys to scrape the rail …


  1. #1 by Joel Davidson on 2019-04-27 - 08:17

    Good luck with all of your projects.

  2. #2 by Brent on 2019-04-27 - 15:19

    You need a nasty pressure washer ~4200 PSI. It would pick off any loose paint–the stuck on paint is fine !


    • #3 by Ed on 2019-04-29 - 07:46

      That’s the plan: lay down scrap sheets to catch the chips, blast away with the swirly nozzle, and slap primer over whatever’s left. Ought to be good for another few decades, anyway.