ANENG AN8008/AN8009 Current Sense Resistor

Somewhat to my surprise, Aneng AN8008/AN8009 multimeter PCBS sport what looks like a reasonably accurate current sense resistor on the 10 A input:

AN8009 10 A current shunt - top view
AN8009 10 A current shunt – top view

The legend says 0.01R and the conductor doesn’t look quite like pure copper:

AN8009 10 A current shunt - side view
AN8009 10 A current shunt – side view

The indentations look like clamp marks from the bending jig, rather than “calibration” notches made while squeezing the wire with diagonal cutters and watching the resistance on another meter.

One might quibble about the overall soldering quality, but one would also be splitting hairs. I doubt the meter leads could withstand 10 A for more than a few seconds, anyhow.

If you buy enough of something, you can buy pretty nearly anything you want, even cheap precision resistors!


  1. #1 by Vedran on 2019-04-03 - 11:35

    I have both 8008 and 8009 and use them all the time. 8008 has a finicky rotary switch and sometimes it takes a few tries to switch to resistance measurement, but otherwise it’s been a champ. 8009 is issue free so far.

  2. #3 by Vedran on 2019-04-04 - 11:39

    It got some semi-quality workbench time but I couldn’t identify anything as obviously wrong at the time and concluded it was an error in design or production tolerances. Now that I have a known good sample I could go back in and compare, but by now I actually learned the correct tongue angle and wrist flick to get the thing to cooperate, so I’d be solving a non existing problem :)

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